21 Days Perfect Booty Workout Challenge

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We are each built differently with very unique body types. When it comes to our proportions we all desire a feminine shape that is soft with just the right amount of curves. You may want to work on your abdomen, while your friends are looking for ways to tone their thighs. Every curve needs to be in good shape to make you look ever so stunning. When I say curve, you surely need those round and well tone butts. But how to grow your glutes without building massive quads? So here is your 21 days perfect booty workout challenge.

1- Squats

Squats is the best exercise to tone your lower body. It can lift, tone and firm you butt. 3 Sets with 20 raps each will do the magic.

2- Lunges

Lunges is an effective exercise for inner thigh muscles. It can also tone you booty. 4 sets with 20 raps each is what you need to get those beautiful butts.

3- Glute Bridges

This exercise works on your lower back and butt muscles. Doing this exercise daily will make your butt round and firm. 4 sets with 20 raps each!

4- Leg Lifts

I just love this exercise, works best for abs and thighs. A definite yes for this exercise in my 21 days booty challenge. 4 sets with 20 raps each.

5- Step Ups

Its impossible to get those well rounded butts without having perfect thighs. When its about thighs, step ups works amazing. 10 sets with 20 raps each!

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