30 Day Sleek And Sexy Arms Challenge

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Arm Circles:

How to Do it:

  • Stand up and extend your arms straight out by the sides. The arms should be parallel to the floor and perpendicular (90-degree angle) to your torso. This will be your starting position.
  • Slowly start to make circles of about 1 foot in diameter with each outstretched arm. Breathe normally as you perform the movement.
  • Continue the circular motion of the outstretched arms for about ten seconds. Then reverse the movement, going the opposite direction.

Tip: Ten second movements equal one set and each circle equals one repetition.

Variations: As you get stronger you can use some light resistance.

Arm Raises:

How to Do it:

  • Stand straight up, Position yourself with your entire body relaxed.
  • Now stretch your arms side ways, parallel to your shoulders. Remember this is your starting position.
  • Now Clap with your both hands above your head and return backs to where you started.
  • Remember don’t let your arms go all the way down in a relax position till you’re all done.
  • Keep going until you feel the heat around your triceps, biceps and shoulders area.
  • Repeat the entire process for 20 times in every set.

Single Chest Press Pulse:

How to Do It:

  • Bring both the elbows together and arms in a prayer position. This is your starting position.
  • Now focus on your elbows and start moving your elbows in upwards and downwards direction from chest height to nose height.
  • Remember your elbows and hands will still be together during the whole process.
  • This targets your chest, your biceps, and shoulders!
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